Barring a few exceptions, the collection of the Documentation Center consists entirely of Dutch-language documents. This is also a Dutch-language website.
The short English-language introduction below is for non Dutch-speaking visitors.

For questions about the collection, please contact +31(0)6 15 48 52 26 or e-mail.

The Historical Documentation Centre for Dutch Protestantism (1800 to the present day) (HDC) focusses on the history of Protestantism in the Netherlands since 1800. The center collects and makes accessible archives of Protestant and Evangelical persons and organizations who in the past two centuries have played a rol of importance in Dutch public life.

The HDC has various tasks and organizes a range of activities:

The HDC collects and manages archives and collections of persons, organizations and the printed media from Dutch Protestant circles, which can be consulted for study and research purposes at the center’s reading room.

At the HDC a number of researchers do research into and publish about themes based on the collections held at the center. During symposia and workshops the results of this research is presented, which is often done in cooperation with other academic institutions.

The HDC provides information and assists in providing (academic) curricula. Students can do traineeships at the center and in this way learn more about archives and how to archivate.

Activities for the general public
The HDC organizes and participates in various activities geared towards a wider audience, which all concern the history of Dutch Protestantism. For more information see the ‘Nieuws en Agenda’ pages.

Online information
On this website the HDC presents online access to various inventories such as the Bibliography of Dutch Protestant Periodicals (Bibliografie voor Nederlandse Protestantse Periodieken, (BNPP)) and the Inventory of Church Buildings in the Netherlands (Inventarisatie van Kerkelijke Gebouwen in Nederland, (IKGN)).

(Translation: mw. drs. K.D. Houniet)