J.W. (Hans) van der Jagt, MA

PhD Candidate (Promovendus)Foto_Hans_vd_Jagt

Email: jw.vander.jagt@vu.nl
Mobiel: +31 (0) 642574364
Adres: De Boelelaan 1105 (2E-54) / 1081 HV Amsterdam

Research at HDC
Writing a biography of A.W.F. Idenburg (1861-1935), ethical ideologist of the Dutch Colonial Empire.
This research focuses on the following main themes: 

  • Dutch Colonial Empire and Dutch Ethical Policy in the geo-political context of the early 20th century 
  • Relationship between Dutch colonial politics, Neo-Calvinism, Islam, indigenous culture 

Curriculum Vitae
Born 1984, Doetinchem.
2004-2010 Study History at University of Groningen.
2007-2008 Study History at University of Graz (Austria)
2008-2012 Teacher History and German language:
- Gomarus College Groningen
- Gomarus College, Assen
- Maris College, The Hague
2010-2013 Research assistant:
-Metze Research (investigative journalist dr. Marcel Metze)
-Historical Documentation Center at VU University Amsterdam
-Heilige Geestgasthuis Groningen and University of Groningen
-Montesquieu Institute, The Hague
-Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford
2012-now PhD Candidate HDC (faculty of Theology) VU University

Extra curricular activities
Member PhD council, Dutch Research School of Political History

Board member, Committee of Biography, Society of Dutch Literature

Personal website: www.hansvanderjagt.nl
Twitter: @jwvdj