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From Reformation to Reformations

  • Startdatum 20-09-2017
  • Einddatum 21-09-2017
  • Locatie Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Titel From Reformation to Reformations: On Analogies, Ideals and Ideas Call For Papers
  • Contactgegevens

    Bart Wallet

    ACRH Historical Documentation Center
    Department of Art and Culture, History and Antiquities
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    De Boelelaan 1105
    1081 HV Amsterdam

  • Onderdeel Historisch Documentatiecentrum (HDC)
  • Categorie Theologie en wijsbegeerte
  • Evenementtype Congres / Symposium

This conference aims to contribute to the developing field of cross-cultural religious and cultural studies by analyzing the cultural, political and linguistic uses of the ‘Reformation’ in the modern era, from circa 1800 until the present day. It asks how and why modern movements, intellectuals and politicians referred to the ‘Reformation’ – as historical event, process, or principle. It will highlight how in modernity, ‘Reformation’ oscillated between a static, historic definition on the one hand, and a dynamic and subjective interpretation on the other. The focus of this conference will be primarily on (post-)modern uses of the ‘Reformation’ outside the strict context of Protestant theology, but in various other religious traditions and societies.

Read the call for papers (pdf)

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